Faucet Review: Shang’s Bitcoin

I chanced upon this bitcoin faucet when I was browsing top faucets in faucethub – Shang’s Bitcoin.

I tried and it pays directly to faucethub. Screenshot below.

The faucet is just around 2 months old, still new and has an alexa rank of around 1.2m as of this writing. You can also notice that the faucet is new since the ad networks in the site don’t require alexa ranking.

Its reward posted in the faucethub list of faucets shows 38 satoshis every 5 mins. The main reward is 25 satoshis every 5 mins. If you want an extra 13 satoshis, you can visit the short link for the bonus.

You can also change your micropayment service by selecting the dropdown menu. You can either select faucethub or faucetsystem.

For the captcha, you don’t have any choices than Recaptcha. It has 10% referral bonus and has referral pattern of http://www.mishangfaucets.com/?ref=your bitcoinaddress

One thing I noticed is that you have to paste your bitcoin address every time the timer refreshes. But still it’s one of the 5-minute bitcoin faucet out there that has a high reward so I really recommend it for now. Claiming is really easy and there’s no lag. I hope the owner refills the satoshis when it’s drained. Enjoy claiming!


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