Faucet Rotators

You may also want to check the following best and top paying faucets thru our faucet rotators. All faucets are trusted premium faucet owners in faucethub. Included faucets were selected because of the following factors: ease of use and simplicity, average to high average payout, no hidden mining, and of course the most important, consistent payout.

Also no need to click several buttons in the faucets to withdraw your satoshis. Payouts are automatically sent to your faucethub account after finishing the associated tasks in the respective faucets.

All faucets in the following rotators use faucethub as micropayment facility so you still need a faucethub account and your coin address should be linked in faucethub. If you don’t know how to link your coin address to faucethub, you can check this simple tutorial. If you don’t have a coin address, you can check the list of wallets here. Or you can also generate your coin address from faucethub in user+>user dashboard> deposit.

Some faucets may not show up because the faucet owners updated their faucets to not show in faucet rotators. If the faucet within the rotator is not showing up, just click “Open in new tab” in the upper right corner of the rotator. Or click other buttons as Prev, Next or Random. Or you can check the faucets directly through our faucet list.

Faucet Rotators

Bitcoin Faucet Rotator

Ethereum Faucet Rotator

Bitcoin Cash Rotator

Litecoin Faucet Rotator

DASH Faucet Rotator

Dogecoin Faucet Rotator

Blackcoin Faucet Rotator

Primecoin Faucet Rotator

Peercoin Faucet Rotator


…more faucet rotators to come…